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Inktober Project of 2021- Introduction

Inktober Project of 2021

Welcome to the Introduction of my comic project for this October. In this post I will be discussing what this project is, what art mediums I will be using and show some of the planning that I have done for the comic. This will be my first official attempt at drawing a cohesive story in the form of a comic book, and I will be documenting the experience for anyone curios about the journey.

Inktober 2020 was a great experience, once again reinforcing my habit of drawing every day as well as practicing to work with ink as a medium. This year, instead of the traditional Inktober challenge, I have decided to create my own prompt list and to rearrange the prompts to form a story. Each word in my prompt list was given to me by a different person, meaning that most of the story was out of my hands and was inspired by the those I asked to participate. This story became my art project for October 2021, a comic in which I only have control of the first word. The rest was in the hands of the people I asked for words.

Instead of the traditional ink that is used by most artists, I decided to use different ink-based mediums. This includes Copic Markers, Copic MultiLiners, Gelly Roll pens and lastly, Inktense pencils. They may not be traditional ink, but all include a variety of different inks and methods of use. They added a unique aspect to my October project for this year. I hope you enjoy the story and the journey as much as I will!

The complete word list for my project, as well as some of the mediums and colors I am planning on using.

Here are some behind the scenes sketches I made while planning the characters. These are made with regular 3H Graphite Pencils, Schneider Edge Pens, Copic Markers, Copic MultiLiners and Gelly Roll Pens. These materials worked wonderfully in my Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook, and was a great platform from which to plan and storyboard the comic.