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The Master of your Medium:

Learning New Marker Techniques

When starting any new medium, whether for a new hobby or for official artwork, it can often be difficult to get the results you want. Being the master of any medium is not something that comes easily, or quickly, for that matter. As someone who has some experience with watercolors, Copic Markers, Angelus Leather Paint, acrylic, gouache, pencils and ball point pens, I cannot call my self a master of all mediums. However, I’ve practice enough to know which mediums I prefer, and which I struggle with.

When learning new techniques, I do have a few tips:

  1. Practice every day. Even if it is only for five minutes, try something new every day. Throw some salt on your watercolors, blend two Copic Markers you have never blended before, doodle something new in your sketchbook. All these little five minute sessions will add up eventually, and you will find yourself understanding the medium more and more.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ‘ruin’ things. Come to terms with the fact that things rarely, if ever, will be perfect. Try drawing something transparent, even at the cost of it maybe looking a little strange. Try coloring that pencil sketch. If the worst happens, and something is ‘ruined’, you can always try again. If something is important to you, you will find the motivation to redo it or improve it. Otherwise, make peace with the loss and be ready to move on to a new attempt.
  3. YouTube, Instagram and the Internet can help you quickly find ideas and new things to try. Being willing to learn will help your art progress quickly, even if you don’t have hours every day to practice. Be patient and progress at your own rate.
  4. Have fun! Remember that art is a creative expression. Take a break when you get frustrated, but don’t give up!
My first Copic Illustration using a trancepercy effect.
Here I tried to use the lightest pastel Markers I have to make the mermaid look iridescent