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Artist’s Process- Lion on Denim Jacket

After sketching out the basic layout of the lion with a white fabric pencil, I started on the muzzle with Dala Fabric paint. The white took some layering, and I got worried that the rest of the lighter colours would give me trouble on the jean fabrics. After the first layer of white, I could still see the jean colour and the fabric grain clearly. Luckily, I soon realized that I was spreading the paint too thinly on the hard, rough fabric. I soon got the hand of layering and blending the white. By the time I painted the eyes, I was well enough adjusted to painting on jean.

The paints held up wonderfully, the darker colours rarely needing a second coat. The lighter colours had a bit more trouble on the jean, but after a few coats they are vibrant and provide good contrast. It’s better than using acrylic paint, which might not need as many layers to cover up the material, but would crack when the fabric is folded or put to use. The metallic fabric paint was fun to use, and adds a unique flare to the piece.

After finishing the painting, I use Dala Waterproofing Medium to seal the paint. The Waterproofing Medium is easy to use and adds a durable finish to the paint. It protects the paint from water damage, dries perfectly clear, and especially helps when customizing shoes.

I would definitely recommend Dala Farbic and Dala Waterproofing Medium paint to customize fabrics.   

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