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Product Tips: The value of Sketchbooks and Journals

As an artist who draws almost every day, I can assuredly say that sketchbooks have become an art essential in my life. I am rarely ever found without a sketchbook or two under the arm. Sketchbooks have many benefits for artists and journal-enthusiasts alike, and are a great way to keep track of everyday life, improve art skills and memorize things.

Sketchbook Page Spread- Thumbnails and Character Design

A sketchbook is often a safe place for artists to try new techniques, thumbnail, brainstorm, do style studies and improve. No sketchbook has to be perfect, and should rather become an experimental field for the artist to grow and improve upon. Making a habit of drawing every day, even for the shortest amounts of time, is partially what makes a sketchbook so beneficial. In the end, your sketchbook tells a story as your day to day emotions change, and you will see the improvement in your art.

In my experience with sketchbooks, I’ve had a drastic improvement in my specific style, going from only drawing with reference, to drawing without any reference. My previous sketchbook had seen me through both trying times, and times of celebration. My current sketchbook has me drawing comics, doing style studies and learning how to further my story-telling through art. Each person’s sketchbook will become unique to them, and will be a showcase to the artist themselves of their improvement.

First Sketchbook v.s Second Sketchbook- Same Character Development

Journaling is also a great way to keep track of everyday life, learn new skills and memorize Bible verses and quotes. Many people have bullet journals to help organize life, keep track of important dates and even their day to day moods and emotions. Keeping a journal is another beneficial way to improve in time management, creativity and art. Bible journaling helps memorizes verses, spend time with God and creatively grow.

Bible Journaling 1 John 4:8 by Karen Randall

When I just started my art journey, I often found myself embarrassed and shy about my art, especially in the growth stages when my art was not what I wanted it to be. I was too afraid to pursue my own creative style. But I soon found that there are no ‘rules’ to a sketchbook. It didn’t have to be perfect, or even good for that matter. No one had to see my drawings unless I specifically wanted to show them. My sketchbook became a space where I could freely learn and grow. In the end, I no longer feel embarrassed nor shy about my art journey and growth, and I share with others my sketchbook, which has become an ongoing story of growth.

Watercolour Sketchbook Pose Practice

The value of Sketchbooks and Journals are created by what they contain, and they are all the more valuable if the contents in them is growth.