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Character Design as an Art Form:

What is Character Design Art?

The Google definition of Character Design is: “In visual arts, character design is the full creation of a character’s aesthetic, personality, behaviour and overall visual appearance. Character designers create characters as a vehicle for storytelling.”

Character concept art is most often used when working on video games, animated movies and comics. Concept art is an important foundation in these creatives works that do not aim to capture realism, but rather, to take the player, watcher or reader on a new adventure. Character designs aim to be eye-catching, to tell a story and to evoke curiosity or emotion in the audience.

Some details of the final concept I recently sketched and colored

Recently, under the encouragement of my students and my gaming team, I’ve started to work on four new, unique character concepts based on the usernames we have and under which we game.

Here are the character concepts so far:

The Martian Chicken: A two-meter-tall chicken from Mars. He has an inventory in which he can carry a variety of objects, however, it has limited space. He can survive in low gravity, oxygen deprived environments. He is also impervious to most attacks, only damaged by fire and fall damage. To help prevent death by fall damage, Martian Chicken wears a jetpack with a built-in parachute. For convenience, this high-tech jetpack includes a drink dispenser, a cooling unit and fan, a pocket for snacks and an environmental-scanning device. He respawns in the last bed or cryochamber he slept in.

The Martian Chicken: A Chicken… From Mars

GrowingStew: A regular twelve-year-old who is also the perfect video-game soldier. He can manifest any weapon just by thinking of it, but although he can summon a cannon, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will know how to use it… He can also regenerate any damage not done directly to the head or heart. He also has boosted health statistics and fighting skills whenever he is in direct sunlight or water. The leaves on the plant tie directly to the number of victories he has, and the plant will grow the more he wins. He will respawn within a ‘safe-zone’.

GrowingStew: With his trusty pot-plant & GamerLady: With her Mermaid Hair

GamerLady: A girl with the fitness of a professional dancer and the abilities of any trained athlete. She can ‘charm’ opponents by looking them directly in the eyes, and can keep control of them for a limited time. She cannot respawn, however, she can use the opponent in a game to her advantage. She is strong enough to easily scale a wall, and agile enough to easily complete most parkour courses. She can regenerate her health by stealing health from opponents or allies.

Tecmessa: Although her appearance changes with my later designs, she always keeps her ‘wings’. These are important, as they help her levitate at various heights and to move through obstacles that other characters may find more challenging. She can also control all technology within a certain radius of herself. This allows her to hack into games and become the main-character. As the main character, she is near impossible to kill and she can respawn on the spot. Her power does however come with a great weakness, one she has yet to share with anyone…

Tecmessa: Her wings allow her to levitate

After laying out the rough concepts, I can start working on them in more detail. As I am planning on perhaps joining Copic Award this year, I’ve been focusing on two of my characters and experimenting with the colours and general colour-scheme for the comic.

Final Character Design Illustration

I would encourage artists with an interesting in storytelling, capturing emotions and concepts to try character design, as it is a good way to quickly learn how your brain and artwork interact with one another. Concept art also rarely requires fancy supplies, so graphite, colored pencils, watercolors, Copic Markers and all other mediums and welcome in this genre of art.

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