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Inktober 2021: Day 1-3

Day 1- Burn

Dragons and humans were once able to co-exist. But when man tamed the earth, taking down forests and carving away mountains to make space for their ever-growing cities, dragons felt they had to protect the grounds upon which they hunt and nest, the land they have inhabited for years.  They became warlike, tearing down cities and towns, taking back the wilderness that were once their territories. Yet man, in his desire to protect, would not be bullied by the dragons.

Humans hunted the dragons, until the few that are left disappeared underground or deep within the waters where they cannot be followed. But those rare few who remained, or returned, were behemoths. One such dragon was titled ‘the Destroyer’. Her tough scales were marred by battles, and she was declared missing for the last forty years. In those years, she had grown and at her awaking she began destroying the small village close to the great mountains where she had been roosting. Her fire blackened earth, crop and house alike. What could one man do against the one determined to burn the world that angered her?

Word Credit: Melindi (The story has begun, from here on it is no longer in my hands…)

First Impressions:

Turns out the Hahnemühle Cappuccino book does not appreciate Copic Marker as much as I thought… It put up a bit of a fight and I was left with some streaks on the page. I managed to easily subdue them with an extra layer of marker. I would definitely recommend that you put a thick sheet or two of scrap paper between the pages! The mediums I used also warped the page, but luckily that sorts itself out if I press the book under something heavy for a bit. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of blending I could do, especially with the Inktense pencils in the background. The other pleasant surprise was the Gelly Roll pens. They stood out from the page amazingly! Overall, Inktober Day 1 went very well and I am extremely impressed with the results I managed to get!

Day 2- Evil

There are those who rise up to defend the human world from dragons. These men and women, titled the Dragonslayers, have been dying out alongside the dragons. For someone to become a Dragonslayer, he or she must be the one to land the last blow upon a dragon. From the moment this title is receive, he or she is bound to a life of hunting dragons until injury forces them to retire, or until death takes them at last. These Dragonslayers were risen up to defeat the evil wrought by the dragons, and usually disappear as soon as they had finished their job, laden in gold, silver and whatever spoils they keep from the dragon itself.

This one man who stands against the Destroyer had been a Dragonslayer for over half his life, and his experience showed it. Armed with axe and shield, he was the sole being that stood between the Destroyer and the village. In hight, he stands no taller than one of the dragon’s claws, which is how large the behemoth had grown. The fight between the two raged for hours… The village people rushed to pour water over their remaining crops, as well as put out as many fires close to the houses as they could. But the Dragonslayer took no notice of them. His only focus, was the Destroyer.

Word Credit: Oupa Ad (I was surprised that my grandfather would choose such an intense word… But this is the best word to describe how humans came to view dragons)

Medium Recommendations:

The Hahnemühle Cappuccino book is unfortunately not made for the mediums I am using in it. The paper is too thin for Copic Markers, although it is still possible to use them if you have enough patience. The Inktense pencils warped the paper, so I had to be very careful with how much water I used. However, I had no trouble with my linework pens and Gelly Rolls, as well as the pencils when I didn’t add water to them. I love the results I am able to achieve with the Gelly Rolls, and would definitely recommend colour pencils and Gelly Rolls to use with this sketchbook. I will continue to use my Copic Markers and Inktense pencils with water in this sketchbook, however I do think I should warn anyone interested that it isn’t the ideal medium combination for the paper in this sketchbook.

Day 3- Aurora

When the battle eventually ended, it was night. The dragons’ fire still effected the world around the village, leaving a fiery aurora across the sky. The aftermath was worse than most dragon fights. Usually, Dragonslayers could lead the dragon out of the populated area before too many of the houses and crops are affected. Dragon blood has the consistency of thick oil, and taints the earth so that it may never grow crops again. Unfortunately, the Destroyer had been so set on the elimination of the town, the Dragonslayer had no opportunity to lead her away.  Those who had lost their houses and belongings gathered together around the behemoth, staring at the creature who had cost them over four seasons of work in the field, as well as over a third of the houses in the town.

Word Credit: Natanjah (Thank you for the beautiful word! It brought a nice peaceful setting to end the battle of the dragon)

Fun Technique to Try:

The Inktense pencils brighten the more you layer them, especially after blending the previous layers with water and adding a layer on top while the paper is still damp. This makes the pencils look vibrant and is very reminiscent of using actual ink, in which the layering works the same. The pencils tend to not blend out completely, but the texture worked well enough for what I was trying to achieve. This layering technique is very fun and I’d recommend it to anyone who uses  Inktense pencils.

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