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My First Ever 3D Illustration: Mixing Copic and Cricut

Creating a full illustration with my newest character design

Not all parrots are as lucky as Malice, the Ghost Captain’s trusty parrot… Not all parrots belong to a loving owner willing to put in the necessary care. Many are hurt by people, neglected, or even left behind by their owners. These parrots, who can be as intelligent and emotional as four-year-old humans, can experience loss and heartbreak. Abused parrots don’t really enjoy life, but some, if found by the Ghost Captain, will always be welcome on his ship. More company for him and Malice. The Captain often finds himself surrounded by these birds, happy as can be, for what they could not find in life, he may grant them now.

As part of a family who now cares for an ex-abused parrot, it can sometimes be difficult. These parrots who were hurt by humans in the past can sometimes bite or scream at those they don’t trust. It’s taken us a while to realize what it meant to have Ruby stay with us, and it has taken more than a few months for her to look healthy and happy again. This drawing is part of a mini-project of mine to raise awareness about the environment. I believe this awareness starts at home, by us looking after the pets we chose to be a part of our family. Be aware of the responsibility you have and never forsake your duty.

This artwork was done using Copic Markers, a white GellyRoll pen for highlights, and scrap paper I used in my Cricut for the borders and leaves to make the artwork more 3D. Can you spot all nine birds?

I’ve had the idea to make an artwork that had a paper craft overlay for a while now… Finally I have decided to sit down and try something. This project ended up being very different compared to what I usually do, but I loved making it and I’m very happy with the end results. The borders and leaves add a whole new dimension. I would definitely recommend this sort of project for crafty people who also enjoy art.

Paper craft is an art form that I had fun learning about. I will try making more creative 3D frames for my artwork, as it adds an extra level of detail and helps everything look more finished.

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